Mystic Mountain Explorer And Nature Park
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You will start this adventure by meeting with your guide inside your Ocho Rios cruise ship terminal. You'll be shown to your transportation and the drive to the Mystic Mountain Sky Explorer will only take a few minutes. Once arrived, you will board the roomy chairlift, safe for children too, seatbelts will be provided, and get ready for some photo-worthy sights as you head up the Mystic Mountain. You'll be right in the middle of a rainforest surrounded by lush, tropical foliage. Keep an eye out for the birds and check out the city of Ocho Rios from a stunning height. The ride up to the top take about 20 minutes. Once you arrive at the top, you'll enjoy some free time to just wander around the Mystic Mountain Park. There is a specifically designed butterfly garden that is open, not caged. They did the same with a hummingbird garden; designed with feeders and specific flowers to attract the attention of the little guys. Learn about the history of Jamaica and the ecosystem preservation techniques in the Mystic Pavilion, or grab a photo on top of the Lookout Tower where you can see for miles. Time permitting, there is also a swimming pool with a great water slide and an infinity pool with quite the view that you can enjoy (please bring your own towel) When time comes to an end you'll ride the Sky Explorer back down the mountain and board your transportation for the ride back to your Ocho Rios cruise ship terminal.

Mystic Mountains

About Mystic Mountains

Montego Bay defies description: posh resort, package tour playground, market town, commercial centre, seaport, slum, second city, capital of the west - its disparate elements co-exist without blending. The result is an atmosphere of schizophrenic energy. Almost all tourists enter Jamaica through the Donald Sangster airport but Montego Bay has long outgrown the label "tourist town". It is sometimes referred to as "the Republic" a nickname dating back to the last century when independent local landowners criticized the government for neglecting the western parishes. That situation still exists and true Montegonians, born in the bay and known as "Bawn a bays" sometimes still threaten, only half in jest, to secede from the rest of the island.

Fun-filled, sunny days to remember. For those of you who pictured yourself lying back on perfectly white, sandy beaches, the sky above blue and sunny, while cooling down with delicious drinks at your leisure - Montego Bay is your ideal destination.

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