Bengal Falls and River Tubing

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    Your Jamaica River Tubing Cruise Excursion adventure begins right from the cruise pier in Falmouth where your guide and transportation are waiting for you. The drive is scenic and travel time is not long.You will travel to the Rio Bueno, one of Jamaica's most scenic rivers. When you arrive at the facilities, you will get checked in and receive a briefing from your guide. Listen to a short safety briefing while you receive your equipment, including a lifejacket and helmet. Then it is off for some more fun on the river -white water tubing! The shore excursion guide will pass out your safety gear and take the group over the Irie Bridge and down a jungle trail to where you will launch the tubes. After a final check, you'll all jump in and the excitement starts. The river currents will take you through the rainforest as you enjoy the view during the lazy sections of the river. With each lazy section comes a thrilling class 2 rapid where the pace of the water picks up and your tube floats through the splashing white water. Coming to a bend in a lazy part of the river, you can try your Tarzan skills on the rope swing - fun to do and funnier to watch!
    Then you will start down the river over a few more rapids until the river calms. A boat will take you a private beach if time allows (or guests can walk the short distance) where refreshing drinks wait. You can take a swim in the aqua blue Caribbean sea and see some of the photos taken during the excursion.
    Your transportation will take you back to your Falmouth cruise ship pier.

The attraction(s) in this tour package :

Bengal Falls      

About Bengal Falls

Exploring the Bengal Falls is lots of fun! The water is great, sometimes a bit cold, but you'll get used to it. The tour offers a great guide who helps to keep your tubes off the rocks located on the side of the river. There is no rope swing, but there is a tall dock that you can jump off of near the end of the experience. The rocks are a bit slippery and sometimes hard to maneuver if climbing the falls barefooted. Ensure you wear water shoes.

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